Erin Andrews

Like many of you, I wear lots of hats and the road I ended up on was not at all where I began. After a decade working as an English teacher-turned stay-at-home-mom, I went back to school to somehow turn my passion for interiors and decorating into my profession. Along the way, I learned to let the challenges I found in everyday living inspire me instead of frustrate me. Real every day life is often messy, too small and poorly laid out, but making the pieces of its puzzle fit together beautifully  is where I thrive. Indigo House Interiors is the by-product of it all and where I can help you embrace the same challenges.

I earned a BA in English, an MS in Secondary Education and a Diploma in the Practical Aspects of Interior Design. I am a member of both the National and local chapters of the Interior Design Society (IDS). I live with my husband, two children and giant dog on Long Island, NY where you can find me forever tweaking my home.