Interior Decorating Workshop Survey

Our homes should be our havens but often we can’t see them objectively or get them to function in a way that both feels and looks good. That’s where I come in. Helping each client I work with feel that they’ve gained some knowledge to move forward with makes me feel successful. I want our workshops to be a place where you learn something new, relevant, and have fun. Please fill out the form below and answer this brief survey to help me create a workshop that speaks to your needs. Thank you!

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Please answer the questions below accordingly.
Please answer the questions below accordingly.
1. I would love to learn more about how to start decorating a room. Where do I begin?
2. I feel like I have no style or if I do, I don't know what it is. How do I make my home reflect who I/we are and make it feel personal and pulled together?
3. I'd like to learn how to choose color for my home without fear of commitment.
4. I'd like to have a chance for a Design Q+A session, to get my questions and dilemmas answered, and to have some one on one assistance with my specific needs.
5. I'd like tips on how to update a room of my own without buying all new furniture.