I'm back. And with a new look. Maybe even a new outlook. I took a break from the blog thinking I would reset and figure out what was holding me back. I have this tendency to focus on the future maybe a bit too much. When I'm constantly looking at where I'm heading, it's often hard to take advantage of the moment and its opportunities. Having a plan is a great thing, but planning, for me, can get in the way of being and doing.

So, here I am, in the present. And it's pretty nice most days, but I'll confess, other days it's challenging. Like a little kid sitting in church in fancy, itchy clothes, I feel confined and hemmed in by the stillness. In that stillness though, when I do tap into it, is a well of good stuff. 

It's that good stuff that I thrive on, that brings me comfort and excites me. It's what makes me productive, creative and passionate. It's what challenges me and makes me think and it's what I want to share with you. You'll still find lots of design-inspired posts here, but what I've learned from this hiatus is that to me, home is more than the beautiful things we fill it with. It's full of messes and noisy kids, tiny kitchens and wonky floors, good food, simple meals lots of imperfection. 

I hope you'll continue to follow along with me as I explore and share these themes of home and everyday life. I also hope you'll chime in and share your own thoughts and experiences.

I'm happy to be back and excited to see how this whole resetting thing unfolds.

How do you "reset" or recharge when your plans have other plans?