Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations to Nicole of Bellmore, NY, this week's winner of the Quick Fix Giveaway! Like many of us, Nicole's television is the unofficial focal point in living room/dining room combo. In combined open spaces and solitary ones alike, how can we take the emphasis off the big black box and make it play more nicely with our surroundings?

1. If you can't hide it, embrace it! Including the television in a gallery wall can work wonders if you have the wall space.

image via  Apartment Therapy

2. Disguise it. Modern Farmhouse style is all the rage these days. This shuttered cabinet from Ballard Designs (it's on sale right now too!) is a great find for a wall mounted unit.

3. Surround it with simple shelves. If your budget is tight, you're fickle or you rent, this idea from Decorola is a great option.

Next week I'll be sharing Nicole's specific dilemma, her inspiration pictures, and my Quick Fix remedy. 

Until then, enjoy your weekend. Do you need a quick fix for your specific design dilemma? Stay tuned for your chance to win one next week or e-mail me today if you can't wait!