Hello Monday: the summer kind

Mondays can be rough. I am grateful that I am home with my kiddos in the summer, but I'll be honest: after four straight weeks of together time, there are moments I want to hide in the laundry room for five minutes of peace.

This hello Monday post is my attempt at regrouping: focusing on the positive, the fun and the little bits of beauty that inspire me instead of all the other stuff.

Hello chalkboard wall. 
One of the cheapest design decisions I've ever made. I painted this wall in our kitchen last year to hide the grime that gets flung its way. Turns out, it has become a favorite pastime year round for the kiddos to doodle on and for me to have a little fun with. We've been chipping away at our list (inspired by Live Love Larson) since this shot was taken.

Hello beautiful blue in my garden. I'm not sure if I have a green thumb or a black thumb. I don't have the patience to get too involved in my gardening, but I look forward to these gorgeous blooms each year.

And these...

Hello fabulous iron gate. How cool is the detail on this mammoth gate at the Queens Zoo?

Hello graphic grids and dappled light. I love the linear patterns the pergola and gate create.

Hello happy kiddos and cool contrast. I loved seeing the zoo from their perspective, and this one's perfect for a warm summer day: lots of shade and very walkable.

Hello palette and pattern: Nature always seems to get it right. Green, blue and white. One of my favorites. I love how it's highlighted by the pattern in the steel dome of the aviary (which is the top of the dome from the 1964 World Fair).

Hello little photographer in the making and #elphieselfie! 

Check out 96Elephants.org to learn more about saving these lovely giants and here to see the elphie selfies on Instagram.

Hello time to relax in my favorite new space. 

Hello delicious ending to a fun day. And nice work setting the table husband. I'm impressed.

Hello and thank you to this guy who gave me the break I needed yesterday and spared everyone's sanity.

Hello coffee in my new favorite mug: a simple treat to start my Monday and week off on the right foot.

I'm off to enjoy my quiet house while it lasts. Be sure to check out the hello monday series at the Lisa Leonard Blog.

What are you saying hello to this Monday?