Room to grow...

My son's room is long overdue for an update. He's the second born in our family but lives in what was the original nursery.  At this point, it's a hot mess. Often, quite literally.

It has some great features that I'd like to play up, like the tongue and groove paneling, the built in dressers and three closets. Given that Eamon is a messy six year old, I don't want to spend a ton of money designing a room that will see lots of wear and tear. That said, I do want to give him a space that reflects his interests and personality but leaves him some room to grow as his interests change.

 Below is my inspiration for his room which I hope to get started on in the next few weeks.

Of all the phases he's been through, his love for animals has been constant. I've used this photo Eamon chose while we were on vacation this summer as my jumping off point for the room.

My goal is to reuse and re-purpose a lot of what we have while adding a just a few functional, fun and affordable items. 

Wish me luck! I'm looking forward to getting this ball rolling. In the meantime, enjoy these final days of summer.