hello Monday, goodbye summer

After my son was born, Mondays changed for me. My role shifted from working mom to stay at home mom. There were days that this was blissful and days I secretly envied my friends who were out in the world. When Eamon started kindergarten last year, I was working on the show house, finishing design school and trying to keep the homestead on track. Some days it was exhilarating while others, impossible. Now that I'm home again, trying to start and grow my business while the kids are in school, Mondays seem to have gotten a lot more quiet than I'm used to.  I know how fortunate I am to have had the opportunities I did these last few years. I'm trying to enjoy the lull and hopefully, the calm before the storm, but this is not always in my nature as I think I kind of thrive when busy.

I often read Lisa Leonard's Hello Monday series where she and other bloggers link up to embrace the start of the new week. Each time I do, I feel like I've just left a yoga class: relaxed and optimistic, even if the day ends up going in a completely different direction. In an effort to start my week off on a positive note and embrace my new kind of Monday, I'm linking up there today, sharing some of the moments that inpsired me this summer and saying hello. Please drop by her blog and take a look at the series.

Hello Summer Vacation and a visit to one of our favorite places: Cape Charles, VA.

Hello historic gems, a diamond in the rough and lovely details.

the Barrier Island Center in Machipongo, VA, one of my favorite places to visit on the Eastern Shore of VA
Mason Street, Cape Charles, here and below

Barrier Islands Center

Hello ego check. My daughter took this shot while on vacation because we couldn't find a mirror. And then laughed and told me not to buy this hat. Because it's what teenagers wear. I bought it anyway. I'm hoping it's spared me a wrinkle or two.

Hello beach days a plenty with family, friends and SPF one thousand.

Hello to finishing a project (almost) just a little late.

Hello beautiful patterns and palettes everywhere.

Hello first and third grades and one last spectacular sunset.

With any luck, Monday and the rest of the week with be kind to all of us.
What are you saying hello to this week?