Hello Monday, on Tuesday...

Hello Monday is where I link up to Lisa Leonard's Blog and start my week off with gratitude and hope for the week to come. It's often where I share images of what inpsires me design-wise as well. I almost skipped this Monday as we had to put our dog to sleep rather suddenly Saturday night.
It's been a rocky few days to say the least, but amidst our sadness, I'm trying to find the positive and say hello to new routines and the happy memories.

Hello sweet boys

and girl.

Hello soft landings and snuggling up with the pack, always Cedric's preferred place.

Hello best retirement ever! This ex-racer clearly had some good karma. 

Hello and Happy Anniversary. We celebrated the 2nd anniversary of adopting Ceddy with a beach walk.

Hello handsome times three.

Hello my friend
I always thought it was my job to care for Cedric, but I think he took care of me too. While he did little to inspire the design of my home, he was like my daily dose of yoga and simply wanted to make me happy. I will always feel blessed that I had this soulful dog in my life.

So hello to looking ahead, hello to a family reunion this weekend, hello to sniffing out the beautiful and remembering fondly.

Thanks for indulging me this week. It was cathartic.
Back to design on Wednesday and an update on my One Room Challenge progress.

Have a great week!