One Room Challenge Week 2: The power of paint

So last week I shared my before shots and some inspiration photos for my kitchen face lift. In the past week I finished painting. With kids and life and work happening it took a week. I used SW Loyal Blue and had the color reduced by 25%. It took FIVE coats since I had light blue/grey walls beneath. The tinted primer was almost the same color as my walls were before painting, so I skipped this step. Now I know why professional painters charge more for adding dark colors to light walls!

I was terrified after finishing this first coat. My kids said it looked like our kitchen was under the sea. Not the look I was going for!

After a second coat it was better, but still dodgy. 
I am certainly missing this furry helper. He was always finding his way into the mix of things.
Coat 3 and my validation that the chalkboard wall needed to go. It just looked too disjointed from the rest of the room.

Flash forward to the final coat (touch up work still to come!). 

taming the paper is on the list, I promise!
I love that I see this beautiful shade of blue as soon as I walk in the front door. I'm hoping that finishing off the kitchen will serve as my jumping off point for the living room. It's tired and I can't see it objectively anymore.

Here is where I'm headed. This moodboard is a loose inspiration and road map for the room's design. Since we don't have a formal dining room, I want this room to have a moody, cozy feel. We entertain a lot and always end up lingering around the table so I'd love for it to feel more comfortable and reflect our family.

Finish painting and touching up (a.k.a. torture for me)
window treatments
window hardware
new light fixture
create a gallery wall behind the table
accessorize/re purpose artwork etc.
a new table runner/linens
rug for under table (budget willing)
update drawer pulls
give the back splash a little TLC (more of a wish list item)

Next week I hope to have some artwork hung and new/updated hardware on the cabinets and drawers. I can't wait to see what my counterparts have cooked up this week. Please stop by Calling it Home to see the progress everyone's making.

Do you have any projects in the works?

Have a great day.