Week 4 One Room Challenge: Hammering Away

Last week I was M.I.A.  Life sort of got in my way and I fell behind on my One Room Challenge and my posting. This week I'm happy to show you a sneak preview of my progress.

To recap, here's where I left you:
Yesterday, I shopped my house and gathered a few items that I've picked up recently.
By noon, it looked like we were robbed.
(Don't mind my slippers or dirty laundry.)
After a couple of hours of maneuvering and banging a few holes too many...

things were taking shape.

And so far, I'm really liking the way it's evolving but I have my work cut out for me these next two weeks! I just ordered some photos to fill the empty frames. This coming week I'll focus on installing window treatments and updating the cabinet hardware. Lighting is on the horizon too. 

For now, I'm off to start  finish the kiddos' Halloween costumes in time for a party this weekend.

Wish me luck and please drop by Calling it Home to check out my fellow bloggers' progress!