hello Monday: glad to see you for a change

Not surprisingly nobody in our house had an easy night's sleep last night. After almost two weeks of later nights, lazy mornings, eating, drinking and being merry, there was lots of tossing and turning around here.

My kids were not so happy to say hello to Monday this morning, but I was the most cheerful I have been getting them up and at'em in a while. It was great to have some much needed down-time, but routine is good too.

So, hello to Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday series. Hello to the prospect of a fresh new week in a fresh new year.

 Hello handsome little devil who played with his alarm clock and woke the whole house up at midnight this morning. Good thing you're cute.

 Hello winter light and fresh air to "get the stink off" after Christmas last week.

 Hello clowns who never seem to look at the camera and/or open their eyes at the same time. This is a great glimpse of real life with kids! They had a lot of togetherness last week. Today's peace and quiet was kind of blissful.

 Hello serenity. Although this real moment was far from that, my girl seems to fake it pretty well.

Hello to the hubs's Buddha and the pile of evergreen trimmings that we offered him. And yes. That's a pink flamingo in the garden behind him.

Hello messy desk. I don't even know where to begin to put this stuff. An office design may have to be my next project.

Hello to a fun closet design for my friend Merrie. I can't wait to see where she goes with it and how she puts it all together.

And hello to pretty packaging and getting out there. Why not deliver my design in a happy package?

Hello to you. I hope your day and new week are off to a good start.

What are you saying hello to this week?