Hello Monday: Disney Does Design

Hello everyone and hello Monday. Last week I was M.I.A. and for good reason. We finally bit the bullet and took the kiddos to Disney World. We've been waiting until they were old enough to really appreciate the trip and remember it well and I'm so glad we did. It was a fantastic week away together.

It's been quite a while since I've been to Disney World and its various parks. I was blown away by the great design and the attention to detail Disney gave when replicating far away lands and those from the pages of storybooks and history.

So today, as it snows and blows outside, I'll say hello to some lovely details and new memories from a much warmer week!
Hello fantastic trio of light fixtures in Epcot Center. They remind me of really sculptural bee-hives.

Hello texture and pattern at the base of Disney's replica of Mayan ruins in Mexico/Epcot.

Hello vibrant color, geometric shapes, and intricate patterns throughout Epcot's 
version of China, Japan and Morocco.

 Hello to a perfectly framed view and lovely vignette.

 Hello sunshine and spectacular shapes

and exotic lanterns and lighting. I really want to get to Morocco some day.

 Hello funny trees and giant golf ball (and perfectly planned landscape designs).

Hello gorgeous Art-Deco inspired floor in the restroom of Hollywood Studios

and peaceful prayer flags in Animal Kingdom.

Hello train ride through the Magic Kingdom with old-fashioned detail and charm.

 Hello shadows and lines that artfully frame the view of Main Street USA

and to an impressively lit night.

Hello to the Mouse, (is that an orb to our right?!) 
to a week of memories, and lots of unplugged time together as a family. 
Hello to whetting our kids' appetite to want to explore the world they saw glimpses of.
I can't wait to explore the real, big wide world with them and grow through our adventures together.

Hello to the blizzard that's begun here in the Northeast. Stay safe and warm!

Hello Monday.
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What are you saying hello to this week?