Real Life Fridays: Lunchtime Fail

A picture is worth a thousand words. 
I love beautiful photography and delicious food 
so I've always enjoyed sifting through cookbooks and food blogs for inspiration. 
Why not make the average, ordinary meal look as pretty as it tastes?

My typical lunch fare is pretty simple as I'm usually on the go or in the middle of multiple tasks. 
These sandwiches look lovely and pretty easy to prepare. 

Weight Watchers Friendly Tip: 22 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Weight Loss - Simple Nourished Living

Turkey Caesar Sandwich

 Really, with a few minutes and the right ingredients we could all probably pull these off.

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Or can we? And by we, I mean me. 

Multi-tasking while throwing together a sandwich with the healthiest, least salt-laden cold-cuts in my fridge proved to be a big fat fail. Good thing I wasn't actually trying to make a beautiful lunch.

Real life Fridays. They happen. Why not throw in potato chips?

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