hello monday,wintry monday...

Hello Monday is where I try to start the week off on the right foot,
with a fresh perspective and positive outlook. 

I'll be honest, shoveling 4" of ice and slush 
for two hours made that positive outlook part a little tricky today.

Hello old man winter. Next time bring snow, please. I'd gladly take 2' of snow instead of ice.

Hello beautiful orchid and warm house. 
My friend Claudia brought me this plant for my birthday last month. 
I have a history of killing plants, so the fact that this guy is still alive AND thriving is a miracle. 
I love the dichotomy of how tropical it looks with the wintry scene out the window behind it.

Hello February. Wasn't it just Christmas?
Hello to a week of sourcing and opening up some trade accounts.
Hello to chaperoning a first grade field trip with my little man and his friends.
Hello to staying out of the cold and working on my ever-growing to-do list inside.

Hello to you. 
What are you saying hello to this week? 
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