Indigo Love: coping with cabin fever

It's cold, grey and I'm on day 4 of being trapped indoors with sick kiddos. Of course I love them, but they are slowly driving me insane.

A little dose of Indigo love goes a long way in distracting me. It's the color of tranquility and summer seas and a great mood lifter.

Here's what's getting me through the day:

Stardust 11x14 : twinkle star photo beach photography shimmer sparkle water print blue green teal home decor on Etsy, $40.00
I may have to order this beautiful photography print from Etsy seller SeaLilyStudio
to hang near my desk. It's summoning thoughts of warm June beach days. When school is still in session.

An Accomplished Woman: Tablescapes
My hydrangeas usually bloom like this right around July 4th.
I'm channeling thoughts of summer nights around the firepit, prosecco on the deck
and pretty outdoor tablescapes like this one.

Bloom Dress by ETOILE ISABEL MARANT paired with nude sexy wedges and boho accessories!
Although this Isabel Marant dress is out of stock and beyond my budget, I'm day-dreaming here.
I picture this with white jeans and gold sandals or over a bathing suit at my happy place.

my happy place: Smith Beach, VA.

That's not me. Or my dog. It's a really nice Smith Beach resident who shared her awesome dog with my kids one summer night a couple of years ago.

gorgeous blue dessert bowl from
I pinned this beautiful dessert bowl from Tabula Tua years ago. It reminds me of something you'd find in the sea. Chances are dessert would never make it in something this lovely in my house. I'd more likely hang it on the wall so I could see it everyday.
Blue Chenille Sofa on
This blue chenille sofa from One King's Lane looks pretty comfy and like a good spot to recuperate from the plague I'm sure the kiddos have already spread.

Thanks for indulging me. Now back to reality.

And the whistle someone is blowing from the basement stairs.

Do you have cabin fever yet?