Real Life Fridays: Forgetting Valentine's Day- how to pull it together on the fly

At the end of the movie Poltergeist when Tangina (the medium) is certain that she's rid the evil spirits from the Freeling family's house she says, "This house is clean."

Her line was succinct and full of quiet relief.

After six days of being home with the sick kiddos, I feel that line.

My empty house is clean, as in free of children and hopefully germs. Routines are back in place.
And I kind of forgot that tomorrow is Valentine's Day.

My mom decorated for every holiday and season when I was growing up. I wish I could say that I do the same, but as life gets busier, I'm usually lucky that the Christmas decorations aren't still up this time of year.

I've learned that less is more for me. Sometimes when I have to pull something off on the fly, the results are even better than when I plan to the hilt.

My tips for decorating in a pinch?
1.Keep it simple. I think this goes for most things. It's like that Coco Chanel idea of taking off the last piece of jewelry that you put on when getting dressed. When in doubt, leave something out.

2. Shop your house. Rethink everyday items and they're intended purpose. I usually put flowers in anything but vases for some reason. I love low arrangements on a table for better conversation, so simple, clear rocks glasses always work for me. Plus they're always right at my fingertips. I'm lazy. I'd rather get creative to avoid a trip to the basment to search for something.

3. Play with your flowers. My local supermarket tends to have a great flower section. I prefer to break up the arrangements into smaller vessels and scatter them throughout the hosue.

Since this is real-life Friday and I've yet to even think about Valentine's Day, 
here's my dinner table a few years ago.
I've had these plates from Homegoods for years.

The red tablecloth is usually in my Christmas stash.

The white runner is actually a stray white drapery panel that was not in use
The Irish Linen napkins are ones I "borrowed" from my mom years ago.

Notice that nothing is ironed. My mom is cringing.

The flowers are from the supermarket. I just broke up the bouquet and put them in rocks glasses
and in a red teapot I have that never gets used.

Sometimes real life dictates simplicity. And that's a relief.

Do you go all out or do you wait until the last minute, like me?

 Happy Valentine's Day!