hello monday: hello fresh air

Yesterday afternoon Eamon asked to wear shorts and a tee-shirt. It was 40 degrees. 40 degrees feels so cold the first time the thermometer dips that low in the fall, but like a heatwave at the end of a long cold winter.

So while I didn't let him get dressed for summer, the four of us got out to chase the sun and enjoy some much needed fresh air. We explored a local pond and nature trail in our town. I've never been there in the snow before. It was wet and sloppy and still kind of chilly, but the kids loved stomping through the puddles, chucking snowballs into the water and just having the place to ourselves.

*Hello Monday is where I try to greet the new week with fresh eyes and a positive outlook, inspired by Lisa Leonard's lovely blog.*

Even if it doesn't quite feel like it yet, I know it can't be too far off.

 hello snow and ice giving way to water

 hello shadows and tall trees

hello afternoon sunlight on the water

hello to thick ice beneath that slush

 hello footprints and patterns in the snow

hello happy kids exploring and climbing


 hello Mother Nature

A small patch of green grass made this sweet girl so excited. It reminds me to be hopeful and patient for what's to come, something I know I'm not always good at practicing.

hello to the new week and all of its trials, tribulations and opportunities
hello to work and school and play
hello to some goodbyes as well
hello to looking for the light and sunshine

hello to you

What are you saying hello to this week?