wintry white spaces

All of this snow (It's falling hard here on Long Island. Again.) has me thinking about lightness and bright airy spaces. My living room is north facing, with small windows and no recessed lighting. At this time of the year, the best part of the snow for me is the extra light its reflection creates in my otherwise dim room. 
Rather than moan about the the weather, I thought I'd share some lovely spaces inspired by a snowy white palette. These rooms all share a great mix of wood tones, styles and textures making them anything but cold and wintry.

Tips to make an old home feel new
This soothing space has lots of light and natural texture making it cheerful and spring-like.

bryn alexandra: Classic Kitchen Materials (on a budget)...someone tell me where to find that subway tile please!
a classic white and marble kitchen
Pretty basement remodel with simple do it yourself solutions

A traditional stairwell makeover, exposing the treads & risers
An entry that's bright white, with lots of texture and shape makes a great first impression
This crisp, white bedroom  is warmed by vintage pieces and accents. Its seamless balance of textures, shapes and styles make it so inviting. 
This space is all about contrast: white and black, modern and old, sleek and rough hewn. It makes white look really livable to me.

Part of me would love to give a white palette a go but I'm always daunted by the reality of dirty feet and hands. Tomorrow I'll be talking about how to work with white and how to add livable color to a neutral space.

Could you live with white or do you crave more color?