hello monday: color and pattern stories that I owe to my Mom

Hello Monday and hello to you. 

My mother has given me lots of gifts in my life: faith, good manners, the ability to look on the bright side of things and give people the benefit of the doubt.  She's also given me my appreciation for design.  If it weren't for my mom going on and on about the color of the sky on a particular day, the gorgeous colonial she loved on her favorite street in Cape Cod, or her tri-annual need to rearrange the furniture, I probably wouldn't love this world as much as I do.

When I was about to graduate from college, it was my mom who encouraged me to go back to school for design even though she and my dad had just spent four years  paying for my English degree. At the time, I felt I should do something more "noble and practical" and become a teacher. When I mused about design school, my mother suggested that giving people a beautiful space was noble because it makes them feel good.

At twenty-two, I thought her answer was too simple. How could she possibly figure it out so easily? Here I am seventeen years later and mom was right all along.

So this Monday, as I work on selecting a color and pattern story for a window treatment class I'm taking, I'm thinking of my mom and how she really inspired it all for me.

Thanks, Mom. Now which scheme would she choose? 
Feel frree to weigh in, readers!

A.This is for the fictional client who has recently added a large, shared bedroom for her four and six year old daughters. She wants it to be a happy, youthful space that can evolve as the girls grow.

B. Probably mom's favorite. This is for the client who also has a young family, but lives in an old Dutch colonial in a neighborhood full of historic homes, near the harbor. They want a somewhat traditional feel to the room, but with a contemporary, less serious twist.

 C & D. These next two are for the same type of client. I was working with a ton of samples I already had and really wanted to see how I could pair these two wallpapers in a unique and cohesive way.

This last one needs something else. Maybe a pin stripe, maybe a small dot pattern. 
I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please weigh in below in the comments or on FB.

What are you saying hello to this week?