hello monday: hello sunshine

Hello Monday. This week I'm finally saying hello to spring. Feeling the sunshine and warmth these past few days has made everything feel a little fresher and brighter around here.

*Hello Monday is where I try to greet the new week with fresh eyes and a positive outlook, inspired by Lisa Leonard's lovely blog.*

Here are a few shots from the weekend that made me smile.

Hello boy and his giant puppy.
For me, and apparently the boy, having a dog in the house again has been a breath a fresh air. Well, not literally since she does smell like dog, but you know what I mean.

Hello happy accident and beautiful spring sky. 
I found this shot on my phone that I certainly didn't intend to take. I couldn't take this shot again if I tried. 

Hello early birthday brunch for my soon-to-be nine year old. 
I won't lie: that number seems impossible and bittersweet. Halfway to eighteen. But what a kid she is. We hit the jackpot when we brought her home from the hospital. Celebrating this sweet, thoughtful girl is one of my favorite things to do.


So my week will be welcoming the reality of routine, more sunshine, celebrations and with any luck, outdoor living.

What are you welcoming this week?