If Gatsby Was a Tween...

Ok maybe if his sister was a tween, today, I think she would have loved our room at the Hempstead House. Although she was not exactly the inspiration, I had the idea of this modern Miss Gatsby in my head throughout our brainstorming sessions and each time I set foot in the mansion.

The theme of the Designer's Showcase happened to be "Titans of Business" and the rooms designed were either inspired by a current titan of business or a legendary one. Our titan was Sally Miller, a fashion designer for tweens who just happened to sell a dress called "The Gatsby Dress". Using Sally's designs as a jumping off point, lead designer Fern Rubenstein and I set out to design a room for this modern tween to flourish in.

Sally Miller Designs: a little inspiration
Miss Gatsby would wear this sparkly chevron number for sure.

Style #2057 - New Diamond Girl   
Fern created a feature wall in the room in a similar color and pattern.
Style #2052 - The London Dress
This flirty frock is similar to the hot pink sheers trimmed with black velvet that hung in the room.

Unfortunately I have no before pictures of the room since my computer crashed before I could back them up. Below you'll find a collection of photos from the press, my husband on opening night, and some of my iPhone pictures I took during the month I spent mornings showing the room.


The hallway leading to our room doubled as an art gallery during the event. The beautiful runner was from Peykar Rugs.

A wide look at the room before the sheers were installed.

This bubble chair was one of the most popular items guests asked about during their visits to the room.

my best friend Amy, visiting me at the showhouse one morning

My runway selfie.

These liquid motion floor tiles were like mood rings and changed patterns and shapes with each step. The room divider was painted with whiteboard paint so guests could interact and have a little fun. Some of Sally Miller's dresses are hanging in this runway/dressing area.

chatting with the photography crew on opening night

Here I am with my talented and lovable cohort, who really truly dreamed this room up and brought it to life so beautifully. I feel very fortunate to have had a small part in helping to create her vision and learned so much throughout the process.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. I'll be back soon with a moodboad inspired by the estate.

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Inspired by: the Hempstead House at Sands Point Preserve

This time last year I was chosen as part of a student design team to install a room in a showhouse in the historic Hempstead House at Sand's Point Preserve. The project spanned several months and the mansion, 40 rooms set on 300 acres.  To call it impressive is an understatement. Each day I drove to the mansion, I felt like I was stepping into the pages of The Great Gatsby.

Today I'll share some pictures of the exterior and architectural details.

The 50,000 square foot mansion overlooks the Long Island Sound.

Can you believe that view?

The estate was built to suit the eclectic tastes of its original owners. Less was not necessarily more for them but there are some incredible architectural details and gems. The geometric stone fence above and stained glass windows below are some of my favorites.

the views from two of the upstairs bedrooms

the grand staircase we climbed each day to work on the room


which led to this massive chandelier and intricate ceiling


the ornate doors inside the entrance


the sunken atrium, known as Palm Court, and another geometric pattern on its glass ceiling


During the 1940s the home was used as a temporary residence for British children displaced by the war.
(this and all interior pictures except window views, from this post on Scouting NY)


Today the Hempstead House is lovingly cared for by the not-for-Profit group, Friends of the Sands Point Preserve. It is frequently used for weddings and events as well as for shooting movies and television, including Boardwalk Empire.

Here's a photo from their room in the Showhouse.

photo from Friends of the Sands Point Preserve

The estate is truly a window into a bygone era and a treasure trove of design inspiration.

Be sure to come back next week when I'll be sharing a moodboard inspired by one of the architectural details from the estate as well as the room we worked on.

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