What We're Not...

You probably thought I quit blogging didn't you?

I haven't.

I've just been blocked. I love design and really do think about it all the time. In fact, my brain is brimming with ideas for my spaces so much that sometimes I get in my own way and inertia sets in. I'm always waiting to find that perfect piece or find the time to paint that wall or make those slipcovers and then it's all too much at one time and I find myself stagnant instead of diving in.

I hesitate to show you my spaces because they are largely so unfinished.

Kind of like most of us.

Something made me stop and think about this recently. The way my brain works, I am constantly focusing on what needs to be fixed, changed or enhanced in my home instead of seeing what's already there. To some degree I do this personally too. Why can't I enjoy that new, shorter haircut instead of thinking about how much easier it is to maintain when it's longer? Instead of focusing on how jiggly I think my triceps are, why not be proud of the hard work I've put in at the gym over the last few months and appreciate how much stronger I feel?

Please don't misunderstand me. I'm not looking for validation or reassurance in any way. At the end of the day, I know what's true and important. I also know that this tendency is fairly universal. Maybe looking at this flip-side is what motivates us to achieve, improve and evolve, but damn, sometimes it's exhausting!

One morning while waiting for a class at the gym, I was talking and listening to some of the other ladies: ladies of all different ages and experiences, all strong, capable, experienced and beautiful and a common thread in our conversation was about what we're not:

  • thin enough
  • fit enough
  • smooth haired and coiffed enough
  • young enough, etc. etc.
What dawned on me as we sweat our butts off was how remarkable the lot of us really are. We were all there, intelligent, funny, compassionate, healthy, able-bodied and accomplished women in so many ways. And not one of us passed out or quit moving. Why don't we talk about that?!  Is it modesty, humility, insecurity or a little bit of each?

Whatever it is, it made me want to work at focusing on what we are and recognize our attributes instead of getting bogged down by what we're not. It made me want to share and highlight remarkable women as well as the lovely spaces that inspire me. It reminded me to focus on what's real too, in life and in design.

To start, I'll share some spaces in and around my home that might be unfinished, but that make me happy nonetheless.

A glimpse of our kitchen, painted SW Loyal Blue this past fall.
I intentionally left the real-life mess for you to see. This room is the heart and hub of our home. It's humble and filled with light all day long.
Progress in the Man-Cave Closet:
It's slow and not always steady, but bright, functional and taking shape!
 Our sunny perch: 
I am always plotting, scheming and dreaming of a larger yard and how I could reconfigure ours if we tore our detached garage down. When I stop and smell the roses (or hydrangeas in my case) we've made ours function really well for our family.  The deck my husband built last year  acts as extra living space and has changed the feel of our yard.
It's the people who make the party (and apparently the booze too ). 
Enjoying our friends on the deck this past July 4th.

 I've loved setting the table since I was a little girl. 
I went to town, using linens from Homegoods and Pier 1, most of which I already had. And then the rain came sending everything into the dryer, keeping me humble and on my toes.

As the summer continues, I hope you find some time to take stock in what makes you and your spaces remarkable, enjoyable and lovely. I'll be back sooner than later.

If you'd like to share a real-life remarkable woman or space with me, please leave a comment here, on Instagram or Facebook.