Indigo Inspired

I am inspired by many things:

good food
good drink
good company 


Now, I am not a glamour girl. Of course I appreciate luxury from time to time
but I usually find myself drawn to something simpler.

Since I was a little girl, I've noticed the details in the everyday:
an intricate molding
the pattern on a stone
a beautiful sky
anything indigo

My constant observations probably drive my husband crazy at times, 
but it's simply how I'm wired.

This new blog is my place to share those observations with like minded souls.
It's a place to share my projects and muse about the ones I covet.

It's a place to indulge my passion for design 
and to lend an ear and eye to those who'd like guidance. 
It's also where I'll share examples of beautiful design inspired by everyday life, 
something I believe is attainable for anyone.

Indigo House
is the name I chose for my blog and business after weeks of indecision 
and some pretty ridiculous contenders.
 When it came to me I instantly knew it was right.
While I love every color on the wheel, indigo and every shade connected to it, has a hold on me.

Indigo House 
is the place I've been dreaming of and curating since I first decorated my childhood bedroom.
It's my big, exciting, slightly daunting, leap of faith.

Below, you'll find some of my own Indigo Inspired decorating.
an indigo welcome in my kitchen, and a sweet souvenir from my mother-in-law
This pretty dessert plate was passed on to me by my great-great Auntie O. She was a character and this was part of a set from an Italian boyfriend she once had, or so the story goes.
a favorite painting by one of my kiddos and the indigo ikat drapes my mom helped me make
even our dinosaurs are blue...

a pretty mirrored and stain-glass sconce we bought in Salem, MA for our first apartment 

blue accents in a gallery wall
 My home is probably a lot like yours: comfortable, casual, incredibly broken-in and always evolving.  
These little touches are the simple things that give our home character and tells our story. 
They are the little pieces of everyday life that inspire me.

I'm so happy to be able to share Indigo House with you. 
Thank you for visiting. I'm looking forward to finding out what inspires you.