Real Life Fridays: Dealing with a Dumping Ground

I think many of us have at least one area in our homes that is a catch-all space. (If you don't I am completely envious of you.) Whether it's the basement, attic, a closet, or spare room, life is busy and sometimes full of wayward stuff.

When Eamon was born we moved into a smaller bedroom on the first floor. The tiny room adjacent to it became my husband's sort of multi-purpose space. (think office supplies, printer, files, dresser, suits, etc.) The problem is that we never quite got around to really planning it out to make it function properly. It has since (seven years since) become a HOT MESS.  Peeling paint, tee-shirts, sweatshirts, shoes, bags, etc. piled up with nowhere to go. And it was making me insane.

So, I decided to tackle it. I drew up some elevations to plot its course. I got creative and plan to repurpose and reshuffle some existing furniture to go easy on the budget. Here 's what I've come up with for a man-cave closet room:

Photo atelier justine  beautiful Balboa Mist backdrop. Note: texture and contrast
a neutral palette:
I wanted to buy the paint without overthinking it. I chose Benjamin Moore's Balboa Mist. It's a subtle, crisp backdrop that's unfussy and won't compete with hanging clothes, etc. I love how clean it looks in these spaces.

 lots of white, some grey, wood tones, metal finishes and great texture
masculine feel:
I just love this simple, streamlined, masculine space. The high contrast is warmed up by brown tones 
and textured elements. 

Beyond the storage elements, I don't want to overplan this space. I'll accessorize once the functional items are installed. I'm feeling a vintage/industrial, masculine vibe for this small man cave-closet that works hard and looks good.
1./ 2./ 3./ 4./ 5./6./ 7./ 8./ 9./

My husband paid me for the design with cocktails. Not a bad arrangement.

I'll be sharing my progress here, but look for sneak peeks and snippets along the way on Facebook and Instagram.

Now that I've showed you my mess, care to show me yours? What's the one space in your home or workplace that needs some function?