Hello Spontaneity, hello Monday

Sometimes a great weekend makes a big difference in starting Monday off on the right foot.  Our weekend was pretty impromptu and turned out to be fantastic. I'm trying to take the hint and let spontaneity take over more often. Today I'm sharing some pictures of the past few days and saying hello to the little things that fill me up. You can find more Hello Monday posts over at Lisa Leonard's Blog.

Hello to fall in the air and quiet long walks with my sweet, soulful four-legged friend.

Hello to my Montauk daisies about to bloom and the memory of a fabulous wedding.

Hello handsome, toothless little man who's growing up way too quickly for me,

just like his big sister. 
She was so excited to pick out this denim jacket. She looks so big and old to me here and even though I want to steal back a few years (along with my sunglasses)
watching her big kid confidence grow is really pretty awesome.

Hello Irish Fest and a beautiful barn at Old Bethpage Village Restoration
We had a great day celebrating 6 months until St. Patrick's Day (only in NY!), enjoying great Irish music, good cold beer and stepping back in time at one of our favorite spots on Long Island.

Hello to a pretty spot for me to work.  
I had envisioned something entirely different and much more sleek when I was planning to carve an office out of a corner of my living room. 
BUT, I spied this old beauty at an estate sale, in great condition with two leaves that extend from each end. I let spontaneity take the lead and bought it for a song.

I'm already scheming and dreaming about what should stay brown and and what I should paint. Right now it's looking like a wood version of the denim tuxedo, but I'm trying to just be still and not overthink it. I'm thrilled with my score and love its character and function.

Hello, beautiful, sunny, Sunday treasure hunting and people watching at the Bellmore Flea Market
and a pair of new old sconces I have the perfect project for.
I still have to convince my husband they have the potential to be more treasure than trash. 

Newport Beach Home Tour: http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/2014/04/29/newport-beach-home-tour/ | Photography: Esther Sun - http://www.esthersunphoto.com/
from Style me Pretty Living
Hello gorgeous space I stumbled upon on Pinterest.
I have been thinking about this picture for days. I know that sounds crazy, but I can't get it out of my mind. So now it looks like there's a twist to my kitchen face lift. But I'm actually really enthusiastic about it and reminded of how grateful I am to be able to pursue what I am passionate about. The last few weeks I've been daunted by the thought of really trying to make a go of my business. There are plenty of moments when I think that I should just go work for someone else, but when my creative juices get flowing I'm encouraged to keep at it and plug along to see where this takes me.

What are you saying hello to this week?