How to liven up a neutral space: A kitchen for all seasons

Yesterday I shared some beautiful white spaces. I love their look, but I often wonder how easy it is for real folks like us to pull it off. 

The beauty of white and neutral walls is that everything else is highlighted by the backdrop: think artwork, texture (rugs, throws, wood), patterns and accents. However if you don't have great architectural features, texture or artwork to display, this can also be its downfall.  

Not too long ago a high school classmate of mine reached out and shared her brand new kitchen with me which is similar to this space. (Her tile is even sexier though in a herringbone pattern all the way to the ceiling.)

She talked about wanting to warm it up with wood, natural elements and adding new linens each season so she's not tied to one color palette.
Below I designed four takes on the same space to show you some budget friendly ways to add life to a neutral room.
bryn alexandra: Classic Kitchen Materials (on a budget)...someone tell me where to find that subway tile please!
Bryn Alexandra

Adding seasonal color to a neutral kitchen/dining space
Spring version of neutral kitchen/dining space
Summer version of neutral kitchen/dining space
The starting point for each design was the rug that mimics the kitchen tile, the table and the wood bowls. Each season I switched out the accessories: table linens, dish towels, the kitchen rug and a few decorative accent pieces. It's a pretty cost friendly way to change up your space when the mood or season strikes you.   

If you want to achieve this in your own home here are some tips:
  • pick a new small accent rug or table runner each season and build your palettes from there
  • add texture with plants, baskets, and reflective surfaces (copper, silver, glass, etc.)
  • add wood tones for warmth and contrast
  • add and mix patterns: think one large, one geometric, one small scale (like a dot or pin stripe)
  • repeat colors and shapes to create a cohesive, harmonious space
or hire me and I'll do it for you!

Do you change up your decor seasonally or stick to the classics year round?